December 2021
Letter-join Christmas Quiz

Have fun exploring the Letter-join website to find the answers to this quiz.

Email your answers to [email protected] to win a pack of Letterslates for your class!

Closing date 10th December 2021.

Click here to download a PDF of the questions.

1. What do elves learn in school? (Clue: Search Jokes).

2. In the Warm-up exercises, name the animals that can fly?

3. Name all the Easy Words that start with ‘l’.

4. In KS1 Dictation Exercises (Sentences and Paragraphs), what is slippery?

5. If you ‘Wiggle your body’ what punctuation mark are you? (Clue: Search Punctuation Actions).

6. What time does the clock say in Phonics Phase 1.
7. Which letter is the One-armed Robot standing next to in the poster?
8. What are the three singers singing on the Christmas card?
9. What happens at the end of Write it Right?
10. How many of the Patterns are made from straight lines?
11. How many words are in the snowman’s tummy? (Clue: Search Snowman).
12. What three things are in the picture for the phoneme ‘nch’?

13. What is the Chinese New Year monkey doing?

14. Name the animals in Magic Patterns.
15. Name all the Harder Words where the letter ‘e’ appears twice?

All winning entries will be put into a prize draw (which will be drawn on Friday 10th December) and five schools will win a pack of 30 Letterslates for their class.
September 2021
Handwriting Assessment Tracker

Letter-join’s Handwriting Assessment Tracker Pack has been designed in line with National Curriculum targets for handwriting. It provides a complete scheme for assessing pupils’ progression in handwriting skills from Early Years to Year 6.

The pack contains:

• An individual attainment checklist for each child to track their handwriting development as they move through the school.

• Supporting assessment tasks which can be used as a record of each child’s progress.

As with many of Letter-join’s resources, this pack is designed to be flexible. Teachers can print out the resources included in the reference document or use their own assessment tasks, as appropriate.

Using this pack

Handwriting Assessment Tracker: Record Sheets

For each child, print out one copy of the 6-page Record Sheets document. This will travel with the child from Early Years to Year 6, with the class and teacher names being added each year.

The tasks in this document are for each child to complete, although teachers may choose to use their own assessment tasks, if preferred.

Reference Document for Handwriting Assessment Tracker

The Reference document can be viewed online or one copy printed out for each year group. The Reference Document provides useful resources and tasks to help staff assess each child’s handwriting, although alternative tasks may be used if preferable.

August 2021
New! Phase 1 Phonics matching pairs game

This new and engaging SoundMatch game for Early Years is designed to support Letter-join’s Phase 1 Phonics. Children can have plenty of fun whilst developing their awareness of the sounds of familiar objects and exploring a variety of sounds in their environment.

How to play:

• Go to the ‘Phonics’ tab and click on SoundMatch.

• Choose a set of sounds to listen to from Animals, Kitchen, Transport and Other Sounds.

• Click on a picture and listen to the name of the object.

• Then click the picture below it to hear the sound it makes.

• After this, you can play the SoundMatch matching pairs game.

• Try to match each picture with the sound it makes.

• When you have matched all your cards, you can play again with another set of sounds.

July 2021
Early Years and KS1 resources now on-line

Great news! You can now choose our new Print Plus font to use in your class.

The whole of Letter-join’s new printed letters section has been completed in line with the latest DfE guidance on phonics teaching. Teachers can now access all of the following resources to use with the new font: 

  • Early Years – Printed letters: a supplementary Lesson Planner for teaching handwriting using printed letters.
  • Links to worksheets to support these lessons.
  • Animations and worksheets of all the letters and words.
  • Letter-join Phonics animations, activities and posters.
  • All games and activities in the Fun section.
  • All Early Years and Key Stage 1 printouts.

Simply log in to a classroom account, go to the ‘Info’ button at the bottom of the menu, click on ‘Classroom Font Options’ and choose the Print Plus font from the list.

We hope that everything is working perfectly but please let the Letter-join Team know if there’s anything that needs adjusting by emailing us at [email protected]

September 2020
Pupil log-in

Every school that subscribes to Letter-join has a free Pupil log-in for their children to use.

Letter-join school subscriptions include lots of great handwriting activities for pupils to enjoy at home as well as at school, using the same letterforms which have been selected by your school.

Find out where your school’s Pupil log-in details are and print out a letter to send home to parents explaining how to log in. Children can log in to Letter-join on their PCs and tablets, at home as well as at school. 

Watch Letter-join’s how-to videos to help ensure that teachers, pupils and parents are set up for learning cursive handwriting at school and at home.

Video instructions for class teachers >

Video instructions for parents >

Class teachers can set home learning tasks and create word banks of animated words 
specifically for the pupils in their class. These will be created in the font that the teachers have chosen to use for their class.