June 2022
Summer term handwriting activities
Check out these fun handwriting activities from Letter-join for the summer term

Step into summer with Letter-join’s cheerful and colourful, summer–themed handwriting worksheets:

  • On the beach
  • How to build a sandcastle
  • Summer poem
  • Summer morning
  • Bucket and Spade list
  • My New Teacher
  • Thank you note

To find these, just type ‘summer’ into the Search bar.

And why not introduce some seasonal ‘summer’ words using Letter-join’s Word of the Week template. As well as handwriting practice, children can explore new and unfamiliar words to help them use more adventurous and exciting language in their writing.

Here are some summer vocabulary suggestions: humidity, balmy, sultry, quench, oppressive…

May 2022
New! Phonics Lesson Planner
Teach phonics with handwriting
Letter-join is pleased to announce the launch of a new Phonics Lesson Planner, delivering extra activities for teachers to support phonics teaching and help to meet National Curriculum requirements. Letter-join’s phonics lesson plans offer an extension to your school’s chosen phonics programme, preparing children for learning to read by reinforcing their phonic knowledge and skills.

Letter-join’s Phonics Lesson Planner provides a structured approach to the teaching and learning of the phonics phases using the Letter-join Print Plus font; ideal for combining the teaching of handwriting with phonics. It delivers a multi-sensory approach using a combination of interactive animations, posters, games, activities and Phonics Sentences and Stories worksheets.

Bring phonics teaching to life and watch your pupils have fun learning with Letter-join’s fun phonics games and activities: Magic Words, SoundMatch, PhonicsMatch and Phozzle.
March 2022
New! Phase 2 to 5 Phonics worksheets

A great additional resource to support the teaching and learning of the phonics phases using the Letter-join Print Plus font; ideal for combining the teaching of handwriting with phonics.

Strengthen your pupils’ phonics skills through phases 2-5 with these fun, new worksheets from Letter-join. Every set of sentences and stories contain the relevant phonemes and graphemes to support each phonics phase.

The graphemes related to each phase are highlighted, enabling children to practice reading and writing the sounds within the words of a sentence or short story.        

Find these by selecting the ‘More resources’ tab at the bottom of each of the Phonics Phases pages.

January 2021
Letter-join Home Learning Packs

From Early Years through to Year 6

Letter-join has two sets of home learning handwriting packs for each year group. They are ideal for when children have to work from home and each pack is linked to the handwriting learning in Letter-join’s Lesson Planners. Each pack is full of handwriting tasks and Letter-join’s online games and activities to keep pupils on track with their learning and are designed to be easy to follow for both parents and children.           

Class teachers can simply print a pack, fill in the pupil log-in details and photocopy to send home to each child. Alternatively, the PDFs of the packs can be emailed to pupils or posted on a school website for children to copy the handwriting worksheets into their exercise books, try out the on-line activities and have a go at the crafting tasks.

Each pack lists the activities, complete with instructions, and contains a selection of worksheets and printouts, with lots of suggestions for extra tasks. Now, children are all set to enjoy lots of fun handwriting with Letter-join’s colourful and engaging animations and resources.

As with all Letter-join activities, a school’s preferred letterforms for f, k, w, x and z will be used, and the font (lead-in or no lead-in) will be as chosen by class teachers.

The Home Learning Packs are available to school subscribers only and can be found on the teacher Information page.