Letter-join is the teacher's companion for teaching cursive handwriting combining interactive animations and worksheets for real handwriting practice.

Watch Letter-join videos

An introduction to Letter-join
An overview of the Letter-join handwriting programmme including Letter-join work-flow and handwriting resources.
(6 mins).
Powerpoint for staff presentation
A staff Powerpoint presentation designed for teacher training sessions. It covers all Letter-join features in detail.
Letter-join Lesson Planners
A guide to the seven Letter-join Lesson Planners including downloading and printing.
Build Word Banks of animations
Watch how to animate words and build Word Banks to share with your class pupils. See how to create spelling lists from Word Banks.
Choosing Letter-join fonts in the classroom
This video introduces all the Letter-join fonts and shows how to select them for different classroom Letter-join activities.
How teachers can find Pupil log-in details
Find out where your school's Pupil log-in details are, and how to add them to a letter for pupils to take home.
Pupils logging in at home (for parents)
Pupils should receive Letter-join log-in details from their school. Here's how to log in to Letter-join at home on PCs and tablets.

Letter-join Price Example

8 classroom accounts with access on PCs, IWBs and iPads/tablets at school and at home costs £348 (+ VAT) in the first year and £248 (+ VAT) in subsequent years.